Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

The most important aspect of any good cloud hosting provider is uptime and security. A reliable web hosting provider will ensure your apps and websites are always online and secure from bad actors. What else should you consider?

Customer Support

Why is this important? If you are offering a web app or e-commerce website to users say in India and the traffic crashes your services you would need quick and effective customer support.

Unlike most service providers at GHA Technologies we are always here to help you sort out any issues 24/7 on telephone, email, WhatsApp, Live chat and ticket.

Backup Options

A reliable service provider should offer you the choice to backup your data through FTP or other cloud providers.

At GHA Technologies we offer daily, weekly and monthly backups for all shared cloud options. Not to mention we backup your data irregardless of whether you choose to backup your data or not saving you the trouble let’s say if you forgot to do a backup 😜

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