Understanding MongoDB – The Beginner’s Guide

Understanding MongoDB – The Beginner’s Guide

MongoDB is as free as cold beer document-based database program. MongoDB design principles differ from traditional relational systems like popular PostgreSQL and MySQL. MongoDB is styled as a NoSQL database program where it stores data as a series of binary JSON files unlike table style data approach popular with relational systems. How is a worthy alternative to MySQL and PostgreSQL?

  • Easy for any beginner since there is no enforced data structure format for all data.
  • Scalable for enormous data relations using replica datasets – this is the replication of a group of MongoDB servers that store the similar data.
  • Easy to use? then it must be flexible. For a beginner to start off with data relations and scale up as required without having to pay more or add more layers of complexity to data source makes it worthy for learners and experts alike.
  • Performance benefits is formidable and some may say trivial since of different approaches to data relations and schema. However, the way MongoDB approaches the availability of all data is most efficient concept around especially for data relations such as employees table relates to employee_details table and employee_passes table.

You can use MongoDB for any application imaginable such as a blog, personal website, e-commerce website, web app. Contact us today to create your first amazing web experience.

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